It's not all about high dining, I wanted to write about a local chain in my town as they have to constantly strive for great service to keep up the appearance of the chain. I have been going into ASK for so many years since it first opened in my town more than 6 years ago. There are around 5 Italian restaurants in my town and I go between two, ASK being one of them. Whenever I go, the food is always good. This was a pre-New York brunch that my mom and I had. We were sort of in a rush as we hadn't packed anything and therefore needed something light to eat. 

I saw that they had a new dish of Asparagus and egg with truffle oil hollandaise. Literally all my favourite ingredients all in one! I knew that was going to be one of the things I ordered. I am also not silly and knew that I was going to be more hungry so ordered the Antipasto classico board which also can be made a little bit bigger to share. 

I ate the egg in about 0.2 second, it was just caught so the egg wasn't as runny as I wanted it to be as I like to cover the asparagus with it. The truffle oil could have been a bit more intense but that's because I am a die hard fan of truffle and if I could eat it everyday with everything I would! The classico board though was lovely. The olive tapenade was bitter and went perfectly with the salty slices of Italian meats and creamy mozzarella. In  It was a very healthy lunch which I needed to have a quick detox before hitting New York.

Because I have been so many time I get these wonderful discount codes which range from 20-30% off which always makes me go back for more. What I love about my local branch is the interior. Its a really old building so has wooden beams and high ceilings. They also have lovely big windows, a conservatory and a garden which is perfect for the more warmer days. You can go outside order a Peroni and munch on all your favourite Italian foods while getting a tan. How perfect. 

Do you have an ASK near you? 



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