Concidence doesn't even come into play when Andrea and I stumbled across Coppa the other night. That morning Andrea was telling  about me these cool glass igloo domes on Southbank which Coppa club had put outside their restaurant so during these winter months you can snuggle up inside them with all your pals. After enquring it said that they were fully booked but I said that we should try out the restaurant nevertheless. 

We were on our way to see the Oxford Street Christmas Light turn on, when walking down a side street Andrea shouted "Look who it is!" and bada-big-bada-boom it was Coppa Club! We peaked at the menu and were sold on just the appetisers. It wasn't very busy at first so we had a selection of where to sit, but me being me - I wanted the window. Plus it had a gold table.  Looking out onto the street, you would have been in a backstreet in Paris with the small tables outside. It made me feel very nostalgic.

 To start, I saw that they had gnocchi, but not just ordinary gnocchi TRUFFLED gnocchi. I was in heaven! They came in a little cup. Tiny golden crispy puffs coated in white truffle. I would have eaten a tonne of them if I could. Andrea went for some sourdough bread which came in a small brown paper bag and some olive oil. 

For mains, because it was early we didn't want to have a heavy meal because we were walking around Oxford Street so we chose to have half portions of pasta. Andrea had Carbonara with peas and parmesan, which was different to the normal ones that I have tried, as I don't usually like carbonara but it had less sauce so you could actually taste the ham. As soon as I looked at the menu, I knew what I wanted to have for mains. I had the Crab Linguine, with capers, chilli & cherry tomatoes. It was very nice but I wish there had been more of a crab flavour, because the tomatoes are very overpowering. The capers were a nice touch though as it brought some salty flavours back form the sweet tomatoes. It was just the perfect size portion for me because I find a lot of the time I have hungry eyes and not a big enough stomach. 

However saying that - we did order pudding which we did share. On a cold winter evening we had to order Sticky Toffee Pudding which was a cushion of comfort. Lovely and gooey, all things you want from a traditional sticky toffee. 

Coppa had a really good vibe in there, by the time we left it was fully booked. I noticed that downstairs was more of a bar and club area which obviously became lively from the late hours into the early ones. Coppa identifies itself as a place for people to unwind and it certainly feels like that. The decor was quite art deco, but the teal and gold really make it look spectacular. 


Want some truffle? 


Various Locations but I went to: 

Coppa Club
9-10 Market Place






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