On Wednesday, my Momma and I had a lovely Mother-Daughter evening. I RSVP'd to a Vogue Reader's 100th Birthday Party Shopping Event in Mayfair. Being honest, the best part was the free canapés, which may I add - where delicious. There were various fresh spring rolls, with fig and all yummy asian flavours. The bar were giving out grapefruit gin & tonics as well as King's Ginger cocktails with cranberry juice. All lovely, the event not so much. 

After a disappointing evening, to cheer ourselves up my mom suggested that we eat at a place called Langan's Brasserie. A restaurant well known in my family for my years. Throughout the three generations of my family they have always gone there for a 'nice' meal. It is knowns as one of London's most historic dining places. An icon of British culture. Obviously because my family are very keen on this restaurant it has always made me want to go. What they admired about the place was that back in the day they used to hand write their menu's every day. This added a certain care to their restaurant, making it feel extremely personal. I think we have a few of these menus at home...nevertheless this night was the night. 

Walking in makes you feel like you've stepped back in time. None of this modern malarky. The decor is classic and the waiters are in traditional waitering clothing giving a sense of class. It's quite a dim restaurant but you can see where there is added lighting. It reminded me of something out of 1920's France. The wall fittings where art deco and different shades. The walls are covered with paintings/illustrations/photographs of Sir Michael Caine as he is in partnership with the owner Peter Langan and the Michelin starred chef Richard Shepard C.B.E. 

The atmosphere elegant but also an intimate buzz. Tables are close together making you home in on your own party, but also gives you the opportunity to nose at what other people ordered to gather inspirations. The menu was pretty long and gave an extensive choice. Everyday they have a dish of the day stated on their menu. It was a lovely touch. After deciding forever, I chose the Roast breast of cornfed chicken with bacon, sage and thyme stuffing - £24. My mom chose the Steak and Mushroom Pie - £17.50. Drinks wise - I had a virgin raspberry mojito and for my mom it was a lime and soda. 

For the first time in a long time I felt like I was eating proper cooking. It was hearty. No fancy work with sauces splattered on the plate like a Jackson Pollock painting. It was traditional french cooking. We ordered side dishes to accompany both of our plates but in hindsight we didn't need them. The dishes spoke for themselves. My chicken was cooked perfectly still very juicy and was one of the biggest pieces of chicken I have ever eaten. 

After feeling like I couldn't eat anymore (you should know by now what's coming) I had to get dessert. The options were incredible, Blueberry Pie...Strawberry Pavlova...Grand Marnier Souffle..It was endless. My stomach couldn't handle anything heavy so I opted for a scoop of passionfruit sorbet and one scoop of salted caramel ice-cream. My mom chose Petite Fours. Now I am a lover of ice cream and my god. It was everything I wanted and more. I tried both but knew I had to save the salted caramel for last. It was a perfect end to the meal. 

The waiters were ever so polite and honestly it was a more pleasurable experiences being served by older gentlemen rather than younger adults. It was as though they know what fine dining is all about and will give you the best service. I am so glad that I have finally been, another one to check off of the list and hopefully one day I will take my children. I hope they like it. 


High Dining in London, Mayfair? Treat yourself. 

Langan's Brasserie Website:

Stratton Street
Mayfair, London
020 7491 8822


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