Before I start this blog I must apologise for my absence over the past two months or so. The end of the summer was an incredibly busy time and then I went on holiday and thrown straight back into university life, so it's all been a bit go-go-go! However I am back (with a lovely new blog aesthetic if you didn't notice;)) with a lot of new content you for you to gaze at. I am also thinking - this might not work - of introducing little 'Flogs' Food Vlogs of the restaurant so you aren't just staring at a static picture but get a feel for the place if you are looking to go or are just purely interested. Leave a comment below if it is something that would you would be interested in! 

Anyway what a way to start things off my going to London Cocktail Week! I only attended one day because of university, but it was great to see what new products were coming out and different ways to mix up your cocktails. Being held at one of my favourite locations, Spitalfields Market I knew I was going to have a great day. Certain bars had collaborated with drinks brands to create signature cocktails exclusive for that week. Cahoots is somewhere where Andrea and I have looked at going too for ages but have never gotten round to going, so seeing their display was wonderful. 

The atmosphere was great. There was lots of recordings and promotional goodies given out. The Scotch Egg Club were giving out free temporary tattoos of cartoon chickens which I found hilarious. Plus their scotch eggs were insane. About 6x larger than the average and stuffed with lots of goodness. Andrea and I took a liking to Cointreau's stand as the bar was in a Cointreau bottle! All the cocktails for the event were £5 and if you bought one from Cointreau you got it included in a tiny bottle that you got to keep. Being the type of people we are Andrea bought one and it was delicious. The cocktail was Cointreau with lemon and lime juice and soda water. Really simple but super refreshing and wasn't overpowering with the spirit. 

As we were walking around I came across a company called Arbikie, which I had briefly seen before at another event. I was drawn in because they had copper labels on their bottles so was intrigued! The owner spoke to me about the company and that it is the first estate farm distillery producing three types of spirits; gin, vodka and whisky. Being based in Scotland they have rich soil to grow their own potatoes and produce to make the spirits. Growing the perfect produce is as they said just as important as distilling. They also own 2 out of 4 stripping columns in the UK to make these spirits straight from their farm. Everything is made on site. While this all sounds wonderful what really is the cherry on the top is that it is a family business, a close knit business which thrives on character. 

After all this information I was given the opportunity to try one of their cocktails using one of their spirits. I chose to try the premium chilli vodka which was made into a martini. First they crush cherry tomatoes are they are the sweetest type of tomatoes and this will balance out the heat from the chilli vodka. Next is two shots of the vodka (I thought my head was going to explode!) and then a small measure of an Italian digestivo called Fernet which in Italy is used straight after a meal to help digest the food. It has over 40 herbs and spices and has lots of health benefits. It also has 40% alcohol in it so I thought Andrea might have to carry me home! All of this is mixed together shaken and poured into a martini glass served with a tomato and an olive. I was quite surprised at how sweet it tasted at first and then at the back of my throat a slow burn started to rise. I said to the owner that it was delicious and that the slow burn wasn't too overpowering to which I thought it would be. It was really lovely seeing his passion about his company. 

It was a great event to dive straight into and would defiantly go again. Andrea and I got a ticket from Time Out as they were doing two passes for £10 and that was for the whole week allowing you to gain access into over 100 London Bars with discounted cocktails. You can't go wrong for £10. 



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