As a coffee addict, for the second year running I attended the London Coffee Festival. Fuelled for the not so faint hearted and easily hyperactive, LCF strives at providing countless new inventions to enhance coffee making, drinking and everything in between. What I love about attending is that it is not just for companies but for regular joe blogs like me who just want to go a sample free coffee, eat some snacks and take some cool photos. This year my mom Lisa, joined myself and Andrea so it was really lovely to see what she thought about it. Last year when I went, I knew that she would love it as she's also a massive coffee fan and works in hospitality. 

The first stand I came to was Hotel Chocolat. Over the press days and the first public day, they had conducted chocolate masterclasses. Approaching them, were three tea pots all with cacao infused teas, new and exclusive. They also had some chocolate jerky, of course which I sampled. It was salty but you got the bitterness of the chocolate.  The sales reps also told me about Rabot 1745 upon which I told them I had been. They did look impressed. 

After circling some of the other stalls, my mom approached Nix & Kix, a company that sold mixers or soft drinks that had a hint of chilli in them. Being only a small fan of chilli I was apprehensive to try but found that the chilli was ever so subtle and added a small kick in your throat towards the end of the drink. I tired the peach one and it was super. Mom immediately bought one of each flavour. They would go perfect with most spirits or on simply on a summers day to have as a refreshing drink.

What I love about this festival is that year after year you see new faces. New companies emerging and hopefully seeing them hit the market and end up in supermarkets or in chain coffee shops. The company Just Bee are a brand which sells flavoured water with no artificial sweeter, but using natural honey. Most of the time when I am at home, whenever I have a fruit tea, I always reach for honey to sweeten it. Honey is such a good source for weight loss and for great health. Again we tried all three flavours and bought all three flavours. I would happily drink this instead of normal water. 

We bought some new teas from Novus Tea and Pukka Tea which is one of my favourite brands. I am a complete sucker for the packaging. Andrea headed to Lavazza as that is his favourite coffee company. I also tried one of THE BEST chai lattes I have ever had. If I go anywhere I will order a chai latte. I love all the spices used in it. Chalo had all different infusions. The one I chose was a cardamon infused one. It was so aromatic! I wish I had bought myself a tin of the mix because it was heaven in a cup. Maybe an online purchase soon? 

Overall, it was another great year to see what products are coming out and gets you to try new coffees and teas you've never had before. Its a great day out whoever you go with. Obviously best to go with a coffee or tea lover oh and if nothing has sold you, you get a cute London Coffee Festival tote bag and who doesn't love a tote bag? 








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