How y'all doin? Literally just walked in from my trip to New York which was a belated 21st birthday from my lovely mom. It was amazing and we happened to go to a few snazzy restaurants which of course I am going to inform you on. 

After a few days of being typical NYC tourists, and eating from hot dog vendors (naughty I know) we happened to come across a beautiful restaurant on 5th AV just up from the Empire State Building. Measure is based in the Langham Place, which funny enough I looked at staying at. You walk in and are greeted by big vases of white orchids and silky grey sofas. We briefly looked at the menu but knew that this was going to be a great place to eat after a long day. 

Everything was low down, causal leather sofas, marble tables *heart eye emoji* and dark wood finishes. Even though you would have thought it would have been a really expensive restaurant because it was in a 5* hotel , the prices were actually really reasonable. Cocktails ranged from 19$ and the mains were around 22$. The diners in there looked like they had money and probably did, I think that the atmosphere gave it a real luxury feel. We had a lovely waitress who was extremely friendly and loving the British banter although I don't think the Americans knew what 'banter' actually means. 

To start I had the cocktail 'Kiss From a Rose' - Beefeater gin, Licor 43, cassis, lime, grapefruit, egg white. Seriously yum. It was bitter sweet. I'm not a huge fan of gin, but when it's mixed with other ingredients I don't seem to mind, especially the egg white as thats always sweet.  Mom's drink is a disaronno on the rocks. Simple and classic. It was the kind of place where you could sit all night and easily get merry on the range of cocktails they had to offer and if you're anyone like me, I love to people watch so we sat in the window looking out on to 5th and saw the comings and goings of the night. 

Because we were super hungry, for starter we ordered some hummus with some bread. Which was amazing. The bread was super thin but not think enough to be a cracker. It snapped like a biscuit but tasted of the finest bread from Italy or France. For main I had Korean Chicken which came with kim chi spring rolls and a ranch dressing. It didn't sound like a lot but I had 3 chicken breasts, and 4 spring rolls which seemed to fill me up. I must admit, the chicken was incredible. A sticky sweet sauce and the ranch dressing gave it a cool savoury tang. The spring rolls where also very good, the waitress asked me whether I like a spicy food to which I said that I like a to taste my food and not to have my head blown off! The rolls did have a serious kick, again the ranch sauce saved me. It was like eating some serious comfort food. Exactly what we needed. Mom had the Nasi Goreng which was a bowl of rice with bbq pork, shrimp, chicken skewers and a fried egg. It reminded me of a bowl of donburi from Wagamamas. One of my mom's favourite dishes. It was quite a large bowl so she was rather full quite quickly. She said that is was full of flavour and the egg was still runny making the rice have a sticky sauce full of goodness. The menu also had pizzas, sandwiches and sharing platters. Easy food to grab on the go but great quality. 

I thought that Measure was a wonderful place to eat during our stay in New York. It delivered everything I thought it would have and would recommend that people check in even if it is a cocktail at 1am. Although we walked in around 9pm which for us Brits is quite late to sit down to dinner, people were still walking in from 11pm, sitting down and ordering food. As they say New York doesn't sleep! 


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