Last month I attended the London Coffee Festival which is where I met NIX&KIX. They were lovely enough to send me some of their drinks for me to test out and enjoy. If you live in England then you will understand that we have had a small taste of summer so it was time to get the drinks chilled and ready to drink! 

NIX&KIX is a drinks company that offer a soft drink with a kick of cayenne pepper. By mixing fruity flavours with a heated kick really allows you to be creative with the drinks. There are three flavours; mango & ginger, cucumber & mint and finally peach and vanilla. I have tasted them all and honestly there is not one that I dislike. I have only started getting into spicy food so when I tried these I thought that they would be super heated, but the drink only has a subtle after kick at the back of your throat. It's interesting as at the moment on the soft drinks market there is nothing like this in stores and this is what draws me to them not only as drinks but as a brand. Being a young adult I am constantly reaching out to unhealthy soft drinks but what's great about NIX&KIX is that the hint of cayenne is actually really good for your health as it burns off body fat as well as fights nasty cells in your body. Getting the best of both worlds really.

My favourite HAS to be the peach and vanilla. I don't know what it is but anything peach flavours reminds me of being away on holiday. So I was naturally drawn to that one. While I was drinking it, I thought that this would make an amazing cocktail (I am a complete sucker for a cocktail) so rummaged through my cupboard and found some ingredients. From what I found I decided to make myself the simplest 'Sex on the Beach' which also happens to be one of my go-to cocktails. 


- 1 NIX&KIX Peach & Vanilla soft drink 

- 1 measure of vodka 

- 2 measures of cranberry juice

- Squeeze of lemon juice

- Crushed ice

Literally put it all into my cocktail shaker shook it a little bit and voila! It was such a hot day so this went perfectly with sitting outside enjoying the sun.

Spice up your life! 


there you can find a stockist near you! 


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