Hello lovely people. I have returned! Finally after a few months off with finishing university, getting a part time job and then graduating, it's been a little crazy. Since my last blog which was April (oh my god I KNOW, please don't kill me!) I have been to some very lovely places, but sometimes I didn't feel as though my photos were good enough to use or I just wasn't in a blogging mood. Silly reasons but nevertheless here I am. 

Brief re-cap, I have recently graduated from university with a 1st Class BA hons degree in Fine Art. Pretty pleased with myself after 4 years and a lot of lows but I pulled through with the help of my wonderful friends & family. 

As my graduation treats, Andrea took me to Oblix, somewhere where I know every person and their dog has been, but I really wanted to go and see what the hype was about. Up we went to the 32nd floor where The Shard's restaurants were. We were warmly welcomed inside to a medium sized restaurant which was very minimal with the view of London. We were sat near a window on a high booth. Oblix varied with table design, either high tables and stools, to bucket chairs and sofas giving a real intimate feel. 

Even though I am not a student anymore, we decided to still go for the set menu (Set menus are always in my heart!) which was £39 pp which included 4 courses and a glass of prosecco or a seasonal bellini. This was booked through Bookatable and I am pretty sure this offer isn't running anymore. However there is a new deal for £55pp for a three course lunch which a wider selection from the main menu! Yum-yum.  Andrea opted for the Peach & Lavender Bellini and I had a Cherry & Yuzu Bellini. Yuzu is a citrus fruit from Asia and is a cross between a lemon and an orange. It has a really bitter sweet flavour too it. 

For the first course, Andrea had Green Asparagus with Jersey Royals and Saffron Aioli. Simple, minimal very delicious. I thought it would be warm but it came out cold. However I think this was the way it was meant to be served. I had the Parsley & Garlic Soup with Feta Cheese and Smoked Egg Yolk. It was actually really lovely. It had a warm smokey flavour and wasn't overpowered by the garlic. The egg yolk was hidden at the bottom of the bowl so was a nice surprise whilst eating the last remains. It was a good size too, knowing that we had 4 courses I was glad that it wasn't too big. 

Second course was more of a starter. Andrea had the Prawn and Crab Cocktail, which when it came looked absolutely amazing. It sat on a brioche bun, with pureed avocado which had lots of lemon juice in. This gave the dish a real zing with the saltiness of the fish. Sat on top was Salmon Roe which neither of us had tried before but I gave it a go. I actually really enjoyed the eggs, they reminded me of boba, what you get in bubble tea. They pop in your mouth and leave a salty flavour behind. For my course I had Glazed Mackerel with Israeli Couscous. It was delicious. The mackerel was so sweet which is unusual for mackerel as it always has a strong flavour but this was beautiful. Then on the side was finely deiced granny smith apple which gave a real punch of bitterness compared to the fish. The couscous was also great, little pillows that went great with the texture of the apple. I could of eaten that dish again. 

Surpisingly I wasn't feeling that full, I was ready to have my other course! I think the portion sizes were spot on. Compared to a lot of places that I have eaten in, I usually still feel hungry after I have left, but maybe that is because I never have 4 courses. For the main course, Andrea chose the Pork Belly which looked amazing. I have never had it before but I tried some of his and my god, it was so tasty. Pork isn't something I usually go for but I would defiantly eat that again. It came with a beautiful jus which was sat within the onions and a cracking bit of crackling (my jokes are bad, I know). However on the side came a small pan of mashed potato and inside was shredded pulled pork and a thick gravy. One bite and I felt like I was at home in my pyjamas by the fire. It was the ultimate comfort food. I wish that had been a main dish by itself. So comforting and rich. My dish was a Fillet of Cod with Shiso sauce and Mussels. It was really good, I always find with cod that there isn't much flavour but by adding the sauce and the crumb under the skin of the cod really made it full of flavour. It was delicate but was filling. Also adding the broccoli on top made it feel more of a main meal instead of having to order it on the side. 

For our final course, I was a little stuck between what dessert to have as the ones I had seen online where a little different to the ones on the menu so I had pre chosen what I wanted but alas, it was not on the current menu. Instead, I chose the Tropical Eclair with Pineapple Sorbet. If anyone knows me, they know that I DO NOT like eclairs. I don't like a lot of cream, however this... this was different. I saw the table next to me order one and it looked incredible. When it came out, it was the shape of the Shard and had another piece of pastry sticking out of the top in the shape of the shard also. It was really clever. There didn't seem like there was much cream in it, it tasted more like a curd of some sort and this is what made it incredible. It also had passionfruit seeds on the top which gave it a bitterness. Underneath the sorbet was coconut, so everything worked in perfect harmony. Last but not least, Andrea ordered the Flourless Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice cream. Again, simple but always a winner. A gorgeous rich cake, that was quite dense but this was juxtaposed with the delicacy of the ice cream. 

Overall it was a lovely lunch, we weren't rushed out, which I thought we might have been seeing how busy it was for a Thursday. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Oblix and the people who run the Twitter account, it was lovely speaking to you. I had a great time. I would love to come back, maybe get a window seat next time, and get some really great photos of the view!

Thank you to Andrea for taking me out for a lovely lunch. 

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