After what seems like forever, I decided to create a twitter account for this blog as it keeps me interactive with restaurants, bars and all things wonderful. It also helps me discover new places that I have never heard of which is exactly what this post is about! 

A wonderful restaurant called Plateau followed me on my first tweet from @GREDblog. I was excited that a restaurant with over 19k followers had decided to follow me, a small start up student blogger. Nevertheless it made me curious to see what they had to offer. After having a scroll, I found myself being drawn to their menus, yes menus! I couldn't believe what various menus one restaurant could offer; bar and grill menu, bar and grill set menu, main restaurant, al la carte etc etc. Andrea had just come back from a week skiing in France, so I thought what a perfect time to catch up over dinner. 

Plateau is placed in Canary Wharf, which is only 15 minutes on the tube from where Andrea lives. Perfect. At first you are overcome with all the glass buildings which you never know what is an office or not, but into the distance a light up sign with 'PLATEAU' written across directed us. Upon entering you are taken in a lift to the fourth floor, and welcomed by beautiful staff to take your coats, bags and replace it with a token. You first walk through what I guessed was the 'bar & grill ' section, full of business men and their wives, wine over flowing and the hum of laughter and chatting. Andrea and I were taken to the restaurant which was full of all my favourite aesthetics; marble tables, large white flowers, candles and a view. Although it was a restaurant there were light green sofas which bent round into little snooks, perfect for an intimate date.  Lucky for us we sat right in the glass window which gave us the wonderful view of Canada Sq, looking down onto the busy street, people leaving work and the slow transition from day to night. 

We settled for the set menu, (as we all know I'm a sucker for those) 4 courses and a glass of Plateau's spritzer for £35. Andrea and I both said that we would try and not have the same dishes, as we have such a similar taste of food we often always order the same! The first course was an Amuse Bouche which is a course to prepare the guest for the meal or what the chef approach is to the menu. Ours was a cube of beetroot with goats cheese. It was delicious, the beetroot so crisp and the creaminess of the goats cheese = nothing not to like. 

For starter I ordered Charred mackerel, escabeche, olive caramel & basil oil. Andrea chose the White bean veloute, spiced tomato puree & re fried beans. I can vouch for us both and say they were both incredible. My mackerel was so smokey and just cooked so it was juicy and incredibly soft. The escabeche was strong and brought in all the salty goodness that matched the fish. It was a light starter which is what I always want as I find some starters ruin the main. The olive caramel was bitter sweet but balanced out the salty component of the fish.  

Mains. I could have eaten this 4 times over. I again went for a fish dish, something I try not to do two times in a row, but this really caught my eye. Grilled sea bream, mushroom, orange & braised baby gem. Andrea went for a meat main and had Roast duck breast, braised lentils & star anise carrots. I took one mouthful of his and it felt like the most richest comfort food. Warming and relaxing. My sea bream nevertheless was outstanding. Cooked absolutely perfectly, the fish fell apart as you cut it and topped with crispy skin and a cream air. I was amazed. The baby gem was quit tough to eat as it has been braised but had both soft and hard textures. When I was only halfway through Andrea had already finished his but I took my time as I wanted to enjoy every second. 

The desserts were a close call as Andrea and I both wanted the Dark chocolate pave, fresh berries & raspberry sorbet.The other dessert was Baked almond and vanilla sponge, pistachio mousse, goat's cheese & blackberries. I think that I won the overall dessert choice. The chocolate pave was so rich, it must of been made from 70% cacao. I couldn't finish it all but it did have a chocolate crumb on the bottom which gave a nice juxtaposition to the sorbet. It was all my favourite flavours in one dessert. 

The 4 courses went down a treat and I came away not feeling too bloated. It was the perfect amount for someone like me. The staff couldn't have been more attentive. Very polite and always asking if we wanted extra bread, drinks or if we had any questions about the menu. Chef Daniel Mcgarey certainly did an amazing job. A meal I will never forget. By the time that we left, the bar & grill was jam packed and the restaurant was starting to get really busy which was surprising as it was only a Tuesday. Plateau is obviously not just a hotspot for the suit and tie crowd. 


Feeling classy? 


4th Floor, Canada Place, London E14 5ER

020 7715 710


Current Set Menu: March


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