RABOT 1745


Dining at the RABOT 1745  was not on the every day occurrence list for me. After being gifted as a Christmas present from my aunt to the other four ladies in the family, we dined above the hustle and bustle of Borough Market, London. Upon entering the building, the aromas of cacao filled the air and passed through the cafe and up into the main restaurant. Being greeted with warm earthy tones, the restaurant was quiet but had a cosy atmosphere and also being seated in a high leather booth added to this close proximity illusion. 

What makes RABOT 1745  different from many other restaurants is that it is owned by Hotel Chocolat and uses cacao in all of the dishes someway or another. After restoring a cacao plantation in St Lucia the founders of Hotel Chocolat decided that they would open a restruant and hotel in the grounds. By using the local cacao they infused all the dishes inspired by West Indies and British cuisine they became extremely popular and people were flying in from all over the world to experience the cacao cuisine. In 2013 They brought a little bit of St Lucia to London and opened up RABOT 1745

The average price for a starter is around £9, so a pricey start to a dinner. In the first photo is the starter of Rare seared Cacao gin cured salmon, prosecco jelly, fennel and lime tonic salad - £8.50. Keeping up to michelin star cuisine, only a minimal display will do. 

For main I settled for Celeriac and mushroom cacao tortellini with pumpkin sauce, roast beans and seeds - £18. I found that being only given a few pieces of tortellini was not enough for my appetite so instantly decided that I would have a dessert to make the matter better. The pumpkin sauce was absolutely divine, packed full of flavour and really added that extra something to the dish. However there was a lot of sauce for such a little dish so left me wondering what to do with the excess. The roast beans and seeds were cooked with parmesan which is one of my all time favourite cheeses and this gave the dish some crunch after having a sauce and silky pasta. I thought that the side kicks to the dish actually out-shone the main star which was tortellini, I was left with a bland taste in my mouth and no sense of cacao so was slightly disappointed.

I knew that the dessert was going to redeem my thoughts as I knew that any dessert with chocolate in was going to be a winner. Chocolate is used in so many desserts in so many ways that I knew that it was going to be a hard choice. After browsing the menu it was a hard decision between the Molten chocolate lava pudding made from the cacao bean and Rabot ice cream - £8 or the Iced chocolate, prune and Armagnac parfait, cacao infused whipped cream, cinnamon spiced kumquats - £8. I decided to test out the richness of the chocolate that they would be using so went for the lava cake. It was everything that I had hoped it would be. Dark, rich, gooey and most of all chocolatey! IT came with a small quenelle but was defiantly needed as the cake was so intense with flavour the ice cream helped mellow everything out. 

As a whole I think that the restaurant was a different experience to normal, but I was left with a desire to try other main dishes from RABOT 1745 as maybe I picked the one with the less flavour. Moreover the dessert was a show stopper for me and would happily go there again just to have a dessert. Maybe 3 courses of them. 

Fancy a chocolate dinner? 


Address: 2-4 Bedale St, Borough Market, London

To book or enquires : 02073788226  | borough@rabot1745.com