Here's a secret; I really like cats. 
p.s I also write about restaurants abroad. 

Since Andrea took me to my first cat cafe in London, Lady DInah's Cat Emporium, it has become my mission to try as many cat cafes around the world as possible. So far I've been to the Kattencafe Kopjes in Amsterdam and now Romeow in Rome. (Blogs on London and Amsterdam will come later I'm sure)

Andrea and I recently came back from Rome for his birthday and christmas present from myself. We went for 5 days and after planning most of the sights into the days we found that we had a spare afternoon, so my first thought was to drag him to another cat cafe. Lucky for me, he likes cats nearly as much as I do so we have mutual love for the cafes. I didn't do a lot of research into this cafe, I cooed over the instagram worthy photos of the decor as well as the cats. Luckily for us it was a 15 minute walk from our hotel.

Upon arriving we were sent to the upstairs annex part of the cafe which was a shame as all the cats seemed to be downstairs, but nevertheless in a cute, artsy upstairs nook with dim lights and plenty of cat magazines - all in Italian but nice to browse. 

After settling in, I looked at the menu and noticed that the entire menu was vegan. Food which neither myself or Andrea had ever tried before so we were both excited to try it. From what I remember the menu was very large, crossing starters, first courses, second courses and post dinner dishes. There was an array of desserts, coffees and smoothies. It just seemed endless and all sounded really good. We both ordered coffees to start. I had a almond milk latte which was super creamy. Whenever I order take out coffee at home I always have it with soya milk as it makes the coffee sweeter, reducing the amount of sugar I would normally put in it. 

For main I had a purple cauliflower risotto. It was strange because it wasn't made with rice, it had more of a chickpea consistency so maybe they used an alternative. It was tasty however! It was surpisingly creamy and was just about the right portion size as it did leave me feeling a little heavy but maybe it was the coffee before hand! Andrea had mushrooms in panko breadcrumbs and passion fruit sauce. I know - it sounded odd... but it was amazing. The mushrooms were so earthy and had such a crunch from being fried and the passion fruit sauce was the most bitter thing I have ever tasted, it just seemed to go together in juxtaposition. The dishes were around €12-13, so quite expensive for what they were but thats' what you pay for cat cafes! We didn't end up having dessert as most were vegan cheesecakes and I am not a lover of cheesecakes so decided to pass. 

The atmosphere was calm although it was fully booked by the time that we were leaving. It has a Swedish aesthetic, which is one of my favourite decors so there was nothing that I did not like. Overall it was a lovely experience, I wish there had been a few more cats as they only had 4, but thats four that have a wonderful home and get lots of love and attention. The food was exquisite and would have loved to have gone back and tried more of the dishes. Maybe one day if we go back to Rome we might have to make another visit. 


Are you a cat lover and fancy a trip to Rome? 

It is best to email them a few days before you are attending.

Via Francesco Negri, 15, Rome 


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