After recently working for a magazine, I have had my eyes opened to the abundance of restaurants that are out there. I always have a list of my top must-tries but everyday I’m finding more and more, so my list seems endless! There I thought that I had exhausted the top places in London!

After speaking to Pedro Miranda who is about to become Essex’s biggest Executive Chef, leading up the kitchen in Leigh-on-Sea’s only destination venue Navana, he poem to me about the top Japanese restaurants that he has been too. He was a keen advocate of a place called Sakagura in the West End. Of course - I had to go… 

I looked to see if they had a set menu, but the only thing that I could find was a Japanese BBQ menu called Yakiniku. It was £30pp and included three ingredients so could choose from meat, fish and veggies. ON top of that, you received a miso soup, a bowl of rice, a light salad and an ice-cream dessert. What was wonderful about this, was that you bbq’d the ingredients yourself.  It made the dinner last longer and it was really fun. So everything all in for £30, it seemed a pretty good deal.

Because we had the BBQ we sat outside, and with the October weather, Sakagura provide heaters and blankets if you do get cold. With the stone BBQ on our table though, there was no way we were getting cold!

I decided to pay a £3 supplement and try Australian Wagyu Beef, as I have never tried it before. For my seafood choice, I chose king prawns and apparatus for my vegetal choice. Andrea had chicken, calamari and courgette.

I was actually very surprised at how filling it all was. My beef was so fresh and came in big chunks. I didn’t think that it would be enough for a dinner but by the time you cook everything, you are extremely full! My prawns had been butterflied and cooked beautifully. On the side came some yuzu salt and wasabi.  In a way, I left like it was a very organic way of cooking. We were taking raw ingredients and cooking them ourselves and no have a restaurant go that for us.

For the ice cream choice, I decided to have the miso salted caramel , whereas Andrea shad sake vanilla.Although we only had one scoop it was defiantly enough. You could really taste the Japanese ingredients in the ice-cream, which packed a real punch! 

Overall, Andrea and I had a really lovely time. It was a different dining experience for the both of us and one we will remember. 

Fancy BBQing your own dinner? 

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