So we could be bonking mad, but Andrea and I have found ourselves getting up extremely early yo grab breakfast AGAIN. There’s something about getting up super early in London and really making the most of the city. We found ourselves doing this a lot more recently as Andrea is actually moving out of London and more into Essex, which is really exciting! So while he is living so close to central London, we are enjoying the things that might become more challenging in the future. 

We actually went to the Sky Garden 3 years ago to celebrate the end of my second year (where has time gone) and waaaaaay before my blogging days. The last time we went, it was May so it was so warm and the sun latest all day. This time we wanted to try their breakfast and get up at the crack of dawn to do so! Luckily, we managed to book the night before, for table at 8:30. We knew the sun would already be up but we wanted to see the sunlight bath the city from 35 floors up. 

First of all located along the River Thames, is a great location for pictures as well as access, as it is just a short distance from London Bridge. The Sky Garden is home to a few restaurants on different levels. When you walk into the building it is all glass, similar to The Shard so you can really appreciate the views, Inside are wonderful trees and plants that make their way up to the various levels. It really is a lovely place to visit and whatsmore, it’s free to get in. 

The Darwin Brasseire is where we has booked for breakfast. Now usually Andrea goes for the sweet option, but on this occasion he decided to go for the Wild Mushroom on Sourdough with a Fried Egg and Spring Onions. This did sound absolutely delicious and I probably would have gone for something similar but I had a bit of a sweet tooth that morning and decided to go for a stack of pancakes with Nutella and Caramelised Bananas. I must say it was incredibly SWEET and maybe a little too much for me. Although it was absolutely delicious, I wish there was a more of  syrup or hot chocolate sauce instead of the nutella as it made the pancakes quite dry, but the banana was the real star of the show. It had a gorgeous thin layer of caramel which added a lovely crunch to the dish. Andrea's dish was very lovely, earthy mushrooms cooked in butter and a runny egg that oozed gold. 

After our breakfast we has a mooch around the gardens and took in the wonderful skyline of London. Now that spring is approaching, it is a lovely time to go and get some sunshine and admire the views. 

Breakfast Views


Sky Garden,
1 Sky Garden Walk,