It's probably my favourite event of the year. I'm a but like a child at christmas on this day (ask Andrea). But for the first year ever I decided to treat myself and go VIP, meaning I get a glass of LPR, a tote bag and a Taste of London recipe book. Fancy eh? 

For me, Taste is an amazing opportunity to meet companies, try new foods and talk to a whole lot of foodies! For me as a blogger it's an amazing chance to find people who you connect with and can help each other with promoting certain products as well as seeing innovative products coming out. 

There are countless restaurants there showcasing a small selection of their menus and this makes it nearly impossible to choose who to go to but a place that Andrea and I had been eyeing up for a while was the German Gymnasium. A few months a go I saw some photos of the inside of the restaurant and was instantly in love. So we both rushed over and ordered some food. I had the Currywurst, which is a curry infused sausage with a spicy tomato sauce and chips. Andrea had a Nürnberger Rostbratwurst Brötchen, a grilled marjoram spiced pork sausage with sauerkraut and in a roll. The servers told us that for Taste they had to alter the food and it's presentation as obviously it had more of a festival vibe. Nevertheless the food tasted lovely. I had had Currywurst before in Berlin years ago, but this was more tomatoey, I wish there had been a little more curry punch to it but it was still really tasty.  I think we'll book the restaurant soon. 

Wandering around we picked up some awesome Plenish Clense which is the first probiotic water on the market which work a little like Actimel. As cleansers, they help with cleaning your gut and help with bloating. They come in so many flavours but the ones Andrea and I picked up where blueberry and you can pick them up in Waitrose. They also took a really funny picture of Andrea and I! 

Next we walked across a company called SUNSOUL  who specialised in natural energy drinks. After tasting some samples, I realised that they didn't taste like ordinary energy drinks and they explained that that's because they removed the Taurine, which is what gives all energy drinks the same flavour. The flavours that they had to offer were amazing... Lime and Lemon, Spiced Mango and Pineapple & Raspberry and Elderflower. SUNSOUL want to make sure that their drinks are 100% natural but using natural fruit juices and spring water. It's a healthy alternative to energy drinks as they are low calorie, and have no refined sugar. The benefits are endless. As well as it being a soft drink there is also the ability to mix it with alcohol. They also gave me a beautiful box full of drinks to take away with me, and when I asked how long they had been going for, they told me LAST NIGHT! I couldn't believe that a company that looked so highly professional with a great product had only been around for a whole 24 hours. 

A company called EATAPAS contacted me on twitter to tell me what stall they were at, so off I went in a hunt to find them. When we got there there was a huge crowd of people tasting pieces of cheese and Catalonian sausage. I told them that I was a blogger and with that, the owner opened up a blue cheese and gave it to me on a special piece of raisin bread. The cheese was very strong but the sweet bursts of the raisins really mellowed out the taste. The owner then further told me that this goes really nicely with port! It was lovely that he let me try something that wasn't out already and he was very thorough with telling me about the cheeses, that they are made from a raw cows milk, giving the cheese a distinctive flavour.  

Finally I had seen a stall that I recognised. The Meringue Girls. Oh my god, these girls do the best meringues around. First of all they are the most prettiest things you have ever seen and secondly they do not hold back with flavour! The flavours range from the standard raspberry to gin and tonic, watermelon and unicorn poop.  I actually bought some back in November for my birthday from Harvey Nichols in London and obviously had to buy one of every flavour. They have now expanded and create meringue pavlovas, lollipops and rainbow kisses. All a dream right? You seriously need to have a look at how beautiful their products are. Every girls dream! 

To top off an amazing day and feeling pretty fat, Marco Pierre White was on a panel... my mom's all time favourite chef (I think that's because he's pretty good looking) and a family favourite of ours. Until next time Taste, thanks for another amazing year. 



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