I feel like I just write about the places that I love. Do I care? No. 

Now is the time to write a place that I find myself being pulled into time after time. The Alchemist. I don't know how I found out about this place but now it seems irrelevant as I am just happy to have it in my life. My first encounter was of course with Mr A. We had been to Greenwich for the day and on the way back decided to pop to The Alchemist for drinks and possibly dinner. Situated only a few minutes from London Liverpool St, Bevis Marks is the home for this one of a kind bar & restaurant. With a name like The Alchemist you know that you're not just in for the ordinary cosmopolitain. 

You're faced with dark wood decor and neon lights. Perfect. We sat the the restaurant as the bar was super busy. Sitting on a very large long leather sofa on one side and opposite is a high arm chair. I chose the comfy option, the sofa. As it's a long couch, you are settled next to strangers. However this isn't uncomfortable as the atmosphere completely distracts you. Barmen are shouting for ingredients to what I can only imagine to be the cellar, or maybe magicians are working in a basement producing the liquid potions. Drinks arrive at the table next to us and I honestly thought that they were about to create hydrochloric acid.  Small science tumblers with different coloured liquid and smoke. Was this legal to drink? 

Andrea and I gazed at the endless 'cocktail' list. The text printed in gold making you feel like you were reading a magic spell book. The choice was extravagant; colour changing cocktails, flavour changing, bubble bath... I had no idea what to choose. After a long decision, I went for the White Chocolate and Raspberry Martini £7.95 and Andrea chose the Solero £8.50. What sold it for me on my drink was it came with a white chocolate foam. It did also have my favourite spirit; raspberry vodka. Literally my kryptonite. The Solero was a mixture of mango, apple and orange juice also with a white chocolate foam. They were both perfectly sweet, a dessert cocktail that would leave you feeling overly satisfied if you hadn't had a pudding already. Because of the foam, it made it difficult to drink quickly but why would you? Savour ever drop of nectar. 

Myself, being over indulgent decided to go for a second cocktail after an hour or so. I asked the waiter this time for advise. I wanted something that looked like a potion. He gave me some of the names. It was a tough choice. A lot of the sharing cocktails were really magical and smoked and did the whole performance. I settled for the Lady Marmalade £8.50. The exact description of this cocktail was 


Who knew what I was in for. It arrived and I was so pleased. I watched the dry ice smoke around me and my glass. It was incredible to watch. The marmalade vodka was so bitter, but it tasted amazing. More like drinking a strong shot than a cocktail. The ice added it's extra sharpness, a complete contradiction to my previous drink. 

Since then, I have been back to the Alchemist many times for drinks and food. For my 21st birthday I was lucky enough to be taken there and had some more wonderful cocktails. More recently I met a family member who I have never seen in 19 years. We sat in there for 6 hours. We had the whole shibang. The Alchemist don't just offer dinner & cocktails but breakfast, nibbles and masterclasses in mixology. Basically the Jack of all Trades. p.s the illustrations on their menus are insane. 

I find the Alchemist my comfort place. It is somewhere I know the drinks and food will deliver. It is never a rush and time completely stands still while I'm there. 


Want a spellbinding night?

6 Bevis Marks
0207 283800

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