The BlueBird, Chelsea is situated quite perfectly on the Kings Road. I am going to admit, I did first find this place due to my unhealthy relationship with a programme called Made In Chelsea. The young socialites would constantly be filmed having brunch at the Bluebird and it just looked incredible. I could have been misled as MIC is famous for having a sunny filter throughout the programme so it could have made the food look extra good. 

I first went with my mom just for a cup of tea on our way to the V&A museum a good 4 years or so ago and we sat outside in the courtyard drinking highly priced tea but it made you feel like you were famous for a good few minutes. However since then I have been back several times but through the wonderful help of the Evening Standard. Every so often you find that certain restaurants in London have  set menu for basically half the price of the normal a la carte. The offer normally goes something like this; 2 courses with a glass of wine - £20 or 3 courses with a glass of wine - £25. Personally, I think this is a bargain. You're getting the same quality of food while saving your spondoolies. 

This trip to the Bluebird was a post valentines date as my boyfriend had been working. He had never been before so I thought why not show him one of my favourite restaurants? After booking online, the Bluebird have always phoned me straight away, confirming my table and nothing but politeness is received. Upon entering, you are welcomed in, coats are taken and you see the beautiful decor, full of rustic flowers, chandeliers and hanging silver ornaments. It is quite a large restaurant but there are various places to sit and each gives you a different atmosphere. Large leather sofas, laid back chairs or the standard white table cloth dining tables. All under one roof yet it doesn't seem to matter. I always get a seat by the window which looks out onto the Bluebird cafe and courtyard as I'm a massive people watcher. 

The restaurant names itself to have a 'Modern European' cuisine so large range of different tastes are available. For the set menu, there is normally four options in each course. Each course has such diversity of fish, vegetarian and meat options as I like to have a real mixture of different food. For starter I had pate de campagne, pickles and sour dough bread. I am a massive pate lover and thought this was a light starter because I didn't want to feel too full for my main and then dessert!  I didn't manage to eat it all because I ran out of bread which was so tasty as it was very dense. Would have been amazing with soup.  For main Andrea and I both settled for Loch duart salmon, lemon puree, brown shrimp and monks beard. We both didn't know what monks beard was but after a quick google I found out it was a vegetable! I must admit, it must of been one of the best pieces of salmon I have ever tried. It was grilled but just. The salmon was so tender and soft that it basically fell apart in your mouth and with the lemon puree it added a completely different experience. It was similar to eating lemon sherbet, sour and leaving you wanting more. The capers added a salty crunch which complemented the sweet of the buttery potatoes. It was like a circus in your mouth experiencing sour, sweet, soft, crunchy textures all at once. I basically would have eaten it 3 times over but dessert was on the cards. Again Andrea and I both got the Rhubarb doughnuts with warm vanilla custard. Basically the ultimate comfort food. We had had delicate starters and mains so we thought we'd go hard on the dessert. I don't know how you could present a doughnut to look delicate so a bowl was very sufficient as they were drowned in custard. My god they were so fluffy, warm and gooey in the middle. The pudding that takes you to your happy place (mine being in my pjs on the sofa on a cold day).  I am glad there were only four as I probably would have eaten 100. 

The service in the Bluebird is always outstanding. I have had the same waiter a few times now and he is so polite. I always ask about the food and he is very knowledgeable and gives me information on the up and coming events there. I find that no matter what occassion you go there for it is suitable. Drinks, a date or a private event the Bluebird caters to your ever need. Once you've finished you can make your way to the cafe, the food store, wine cellar and clothes/homeware store. The whole package. Always a pleasure never a chore. 

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350 King's Road, London SW3 5UU

020 7559 1000


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