I don't know how it has come round to Christmas already. It only felt like yesterday that I was standing near the Thames counting down to midnight at New Years Eve 2015 and now we're somehow around to that time again! 

Last week I had an email pop into my inbox from a lovely PR company called 2Sisters who wanted to invite me to The Polish Bakery's Christmas Party. Funny enough I have bought their products in the past in Asda or Waitrose so I was delighted to be asked to attend. I didn't really know what to expect as there was no other information given. I was also given a plus one, so I decided to take my lovely Momma on a night out.

It was held at a place called Ognisko which was  founded in 1939. It was there to give the Polish community a sense of freedom after the Second World War. Later it became the hub for social and cultural aspects of life. The bar and restaurant was beautiful. Intimate and full of life. We decided to have a little tipple before the event. My Momma had a mulled wine which was extremely christmassy, and I chose a cocktail from the Ognisko classics list which was a 'Red & Sexy' which was basically all my favourite drinks, absolute raspberry with berry puree and all things sweet. 

Upstairs is where the event was being held. We entered a beautiful high ceiling room and in the middle lay a long white table with fake snow all over the floor. It was so simple yet sophisticated. Before me, was an amazing spread full of The Polish Bakery goodies and accompaniments. As you can see from all the photos, there were prawns, all different Polish meats and various cheeses. I was in absolute heaven. I had to try a little bit of everything, which I did. I didn't realise how many products that The Polish Bakery had, which surprised me as I only ever see one or two in the supermarkets. Their main bakery is in Wembely so i'm sure that if you visited there you would get the whole shibam!

Two of my favourite breads there was the prune bread and the chia bread. What is different about Polish bread if you have never had it before, is that it is very dense as it's made with sourdough. I quite like this in a bread as I felt like it's super hearty when you're eating it. 

After trying a piece of every bread to offer, I had to try the desserts. I am not a fan of cheesecake as maybe I have mentioned in the past so I was taken back when I tried one from The Polish Bakery. It was different to 'English' cheesecakes. This was so light and fluffy, it just melted in your mouth. There was no "Oh god, I can't eat anymore" which is surprising as the breads where the opposite. I also tried the Polish doughnut which was very tasty and instead of a sweet jam filling it was more of a sour fruit which actually complimented the pastry well. 

It was so lovely meeting the owners of The Polish Bakery as well. They were so friendly and were telling us that their whole business is run on friends and family and that's what makes it different to a lot of produce companies. When we left we all got a goody bag, which for me I was thrilled with as I got the Chia seed loaf, a small rounded sourdough loaf and a HUGE wad of cheesecake (Happy Tayler). 

I decided to give you some examples of what I like to put on bread when I am making a light lunch. Nothing really fancy but it does go really well with the polish breads. 

Firstly, using the Chia seed loaf I put some cream cheese as the base adding two slices of Polish ham and a few pieces of cucumber. A classic. The Chia seed loaf is actually the lightest of them all so you don't feel like you're loading up the carbs. 

Secondly, I toasted the round loaf for about 2 minutes so it wasn't exactly like toast but a little crispy and added two slices of mozzarella and a few tomatoes. To dress I drizzled some truffle olive oil. 

I would just like to thank The Polish Bakery and 2 Sisters PR for inviting me to a wonderful event. It was lovely getting to try new foods that I would have never have thought about. A wonderful start to Christmas

Feeling Cultural? 

The Polish Bakery
Abbeydale Rd, Wembley HA0 1TW






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