Welcome back! My goodness time has flown by! It's not an excuse but I started a job a few months ago working for a luxury magazine. I am currently the the editor of 4 sections, food & drink being one of them, so after staring at my laptop all day, sometimes the last thing I feel like doing is writing and staring at my laptop some more! Nevertheless, I haven't stopped going out, so I have so much content to share with you - some great finds in London to Paris, so sit tight and get ready for some incredible food pics. 

A few weeks ago now, I was invited to The World's End Market for an exclusive dinner to try the The world’s best steak. The menu was created by José Gordón who is the Spanish Meat Master, and through his incredible skill, has brought his techniques to London. 

What is uniquely special about José Gordón is that he raises the Ox himself, who eat the finest grass and even drink beer! All of this enhances the meats flavour and we all know that happy cows equals great taste. 

On this particular evening I had a rather special guest accompany me, my mummy. To start we had an incredibly knowledgeable bartender who explained the entire cocktail list. He started by telling us that at The World's End Market, the cocktails are classics but with a twist, making you push out of your comfort zone with flavours. My mum had an espresso martini and I had somewhat of a cosmopolitan with a yummy egg white foam. 

The first course consisted of two things I had never really tried before. My mum ordered Ox Tongue which I was apprehensive to try! However when it came too it, I had to look past the fact it was tongue shaped and bite the bullet! It was actually a really lovely flavour, an extremely delicate ham. It came with small gherkins and slices of toasted bread. This made the starter a great opening to the main courses as it was light, crunchy and vinegary. For my starter, I had the Beef Carpaccio from the entercote, which was served with oil and sea salt. The manager explained to me that this is the only way to eat this dish. My god - it was like butter melting in my mouth. a slight pull on the fork and it fell apart. The beef is soaked in olive oil for 180 days to give it this incredible flavour. The oil gave it a silky smooth coating and the salt enhanced the richness of the meat. Absolutely delicious. 

Mains I was apprehensive on. With only two options; a burger or a steak, I naturally wanted the steak but on this occasion I pushed myself to have a burger. If you know me, I actually am not a huge fan of burgers. There's only been a few exceptions where I have had a burger and thought - YES, this is good so this is what I was hoping for with José's burger. When it arrived, I knew I was wrong about my opinion on burgers. It was huge, juicy and possibly the most good looking burger I had seen. The chef has cooked it medium rare, as this again is the preferred way to eating this beef. It was gorgeous, the flavour was intense and smoky. I guess everything you always want from a burger, you got in this. My mum had the Solomillo de Buey - 200g steak, which was massive! It was served with no condiments but honestly, you didn't need them. Again, it was juicy and really packed a punch with a meaty flavour. Although that's all that was served, my mum said it was extremely filling. 

Although I felt extremely full, dessert was on the cards. A velvety smooth Vanilla Panna Cotta was my mum's choice, and I chose a Hazelnut & Caramel Cheesecake. My cheesecake was extremely rich and wasn't a bad thing, but after my main I was far too full to complete it. The caramel flavour was strong which I love because sometimes caramel can get a little lost when it's in a cheesecake. It also had a thick layer of caramel on the top which was an extra bonus. 

Overall, my experience at The World's End Market, was incredible. I have never been to a restaurant whose host were so welcoming. The level of attentiveness was amazing making my time there different to other places I have visited. Having the opportunity to experience José Gordón's Ox was something that I wouldn't usually have tried so I feel lucky to have had the chance to do so. 

Thank you to The World's End Market for a wonderful dinner. 

Try the World's Best Steak:


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*The Daily Telegraph - Is this Spanish farm home to the world's best steak?