Being Happy Is Not A Cliché


We’re all busy. I get it. We wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, maybe watch some uninspiring tv programme and end up going to bed at an unreasonable hour. Then we do it all again. It’s hard when you get in a cycle and you are consciously aware that it’s happening day after day.  Sometimes it just takes one thing to break it and I think every now and then, you need to stop the cycle. Although some people thrive with maybe having a relationship with work in a  ‘get stuff done’ attitude, staring at computer screens and constantly compiling to-do lists that are the length of the Amazonian Rainforest, but you can soon forget that you’re missing out on what’s right in front of you. 


Days and days pass, all of which are the same. Most days I think to myself “I am probably never going to remember this day”  To be honest, that kinda scares me. We only ever remember the big things, the days we feel most emotion. What makes them more significant than the others? This is why I’m starting to take note of the things that make me happy  Yes - I may never remember this day after its 24 hour lifespan but for that day, I take note of what makes me appreciate the moment I’m living in.

You wouldn’t even know I’m doing it, but inside my little head, I’m thinking of how great this coffee tastes, how I can feel the sun gently kissing my skin leaving its mark and how amazing it is that my body lets me breathe without even trying. Sure - it’s not always as deep as that, but I think that by acknowledging these can make my day a little brighter, I know it makes me feel more alive. 


I have said before that social media is a bit of a hazy place where hopes and dreams seem like a lifetime away compared to our own lives. As soon as you take a step back and start looking at your own life, you can remind yourself of all the things that make you content even if it takes a magnifying glass to see it. We post too many of these 😁 when we are really feeling like 😐 and it's time to change that.  I think some people are afraid to tell others that they’re ‘happy’, like it’s a bad thing.

“Why are you so happy?”

We ask that question as though it’s not okay to have a smile on your face. When in reality, we should be asking the opposite with a lot more compassion. 

Why shouldn’t we be happy? Our lives are far too short to not be. If something if making you un-happy, change it. My mother has always said to me, “As long as you’re healthy and happy, that’s all that matters”. It’s something that I truly live by, because if you’re surviving day to day then are you really living your fullest life. Sure, change can take a long time, years in fact, but if you know that you’re making a conscious effort to alter your life then you’ll get there.

Yeah, you don't have to find yourself bouncing off the walls with a crazy psycho happy face 24/7, to prove that you're happy, but you can always tell when someone has a little more glow then they did before. 

Time is of the essence and without saying “life got in the way” start nurturing the moments where life didn’t get in the way. Savour the moments where your belly hurt so much from laughing, or the time your voice cracked from singing too loud. Ring your grandparents, spend more time cuddling your significant other, eat delicious food.  Anything that puts a smile on your face is worth it. 

T x

Tayler GoatierComment