Brands I Loved At London Coffee Festival 


Brands I Loved at London Coffee Festival 

Today marks the last day of UK Coffee Week *sobs until next year*. I was lucky enough to be invited to attend The London Coffee Festival last weekend which was amazing. It wasn't my first time going, so you can find what I thought, two years ago here

What I love about Coffee Fest, is that every year it gets bigger and better than the last. I cannot believe how busy it gets and how passionate people are about coffee (cause who isn't!?). If you have never heard of this festival before, it is a weekend full of all things coffee and more, so whether you have a cafe, business or just a coffee addict then you're in for a good time. What I enjoy the most about this event, is speaking to new businesses, their products and where they see themselves in the future. A few years ago I met a lovely group of girls who were promoting a drink called Nix&Kix. They started out small and now have grown so much that you can buy their drinks in Waitrose and other retailers! 




You may have seen Minor Figures popping up in a selection of shops recently. They are one of the first Nitro Cold Brew Canned Coffee retailers. Nitro Cold Brew is when the coffee has been charged with nitrogen which gives it a lovely creamy head, similar to Guinness. They pride themselves with being 100% vegan and sustainable as well as making delicious products for everyone to enjoy. Their indie design is what makes their products stand out and using innovative selling methods such as pairing 3D glasses to view your coffee bean packaging. 




Yes - we all know I'm a bit of a sucker for anything pink, but hear me out. Dalston's have created, possibly, the best cherryade on the market. Their ethos is all about creating great drinks that are full of natural flavours with no baddies added. The new collection also features, fizzy elderflower, ginger beer and an orangeade that all have their own unique metallic packaging. 

If you get a chance to try their cola - DO! It's made with whole cola nuts which gives a completely different taste to what we know as cola. Dalston's is a true depiction of cola, enhancing the natural sweetness with lavender and citrus notes. 




So I'm not a Vegan, but this stuff would put me off normal milk forever, it's that delicious. I stumbled across Califia last year in my local supermarket, but what first attracted me to it was that it wasn't in a carton, but in a smooth curvy bottle. Before I tried the XX Espresso Almond Milk, I was a bit hesitant because I have never really enjoyed the flavours of some almond milks but this - this is different. No joke, I could drink a whole of of these for breakfast. The consistency is thicker than normal milk but not as thick as a milkshake, so it's difficult to explain. The flavour is creamy and the coffee pulls through finishing with an almond note. On a summers day this is the perfect drink, just add a couple of ice cubes and you're sorted! Originally from the USA, there is a whole collection on their website, but you can get a selection of their milks in most Sainsbury's. 


There were hundred of people there that I could speak about but this would be a mammouth of a post to write so I'll keep it short and sweet! It was a fabulous London Coffee Festival this year and I can't wait to return next year, or who knows, theres some more worldwide this year...


What's your favourite coffee? I would love to know in the comments! 

Tayler x

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