Brunch With Me


I don't know anyone who doesn't love brunch. I swear whoever invented the term - I'd give them a huge kiss and thank them for letting us - not so early birds still have the privilege of enjoying breakfast food. Brunching is probably one of my favourite 'meal' times because it also means you can have a cheeky cocktail or two without feeling guilty of the time, it's 12 o'clock somewhere right? 

For those who don't know where Chiswick is, it's in West London and when you're coming from Essex/East London, it is a bit of a trek, but completely worth it. I recently saw No 197 Chiswick Fire Station (note it's not a fire station anymore)  on a post by Time Out about it being a interior hotspot so naturally, I was inclined to go.  Now I'[m not always a believer in love at first sight but this place got me good. It was Pinterest heaven and literally my house goals. 


The menu looked fantastic from the offset and I was so hungry I wanted to sample it all. The best way for me to achieve not looking or sounding like such a pig, Andrea and I decided to have sharing plates. For drinks,  I wanted something light and refreshing so opted for a Watermelon and Cucumber Spritz, which was like summer liquidised. Andrea chose the Matcha Martini which was surprisingly refreshing too, notes of lemon were delicate on the palette. We chose to try 3 lots of crostini with different toppings: Smoked Mackerel Pate, Sundried Tomato & Caper, Fennel Salami, Chilli & Truffle Ricotta and Aubergine Caponata, Chorizo & Basil. These were delicious and were full of flavour. If you don't know

me I'm a bit of a sucker for truffle. Literally if it's got truffle in it, i'll eat it. So when Truffle Mac n Cheese was on the menu it wasn't a hard decision. It was a big warm bowl of comfort and even though it was 27c outside, it was defiantly needed. I personally ordered a dish of spicy crab cakes which were crunchy on the outside and perfectly fluffy on the inside. The wedge of lime added a real zing to them. Finally Andrea really wanted a proper breakfast dish so chose Eggs Benedict which oozed the most golden egg yolk I think I've ever seen. That's when you know it's good folks - the key is always the colour of the yolk. After we dabbled in it all, I was left feeling extremley happy and fullfilled. 





There's an abundance of coffee shops and cafes along the high street, but a really great place to grab a coffee is Brew. Not only are they keen on using organic ethical ingredients but they have Australian heritage which means they serve up a good cup'o joe. I decided to have a Cinnamon Latte which was super sweet and tasty.  Also on the menu they serve Mörk Chocolate which is made in Aus and sounded incredible as well as a bowl of chai latte *heart eye emoji*. 




Okay - so I may have extended brunch. I don't know how you can enjoy a hot say without an ice cream. Walking down Chiswick High Street, there was a huge queue outside Oddono's, a wonderful award winning gelato cafe. Once at the counter, the array of flavours were incredible all different that stirred away from the usual. I chose White Peach Sorbet as I had never seen that before. You could tell that this gelato was award winning, it was so scrumptious and thick consistency.  With all this wonderful weather we have been having here in the UK it's hard to say no to a couple of scoops so if you're around any of their other stores make sure you pop in! 



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