Taking Time To Pamper


This week, The Harvard Inn invited me to stay for a night in one of their deluxe rooms. How could I say no? This quaint hotel dates back to the 15th century and this is present throughout the hotel with its wooden beams and quirky character. The room that I stayed in is usually for Bridal Parties as it is one of the largest in the hotel. It has a beautiful white bathroom with an abundance of light - perfect for getting ready in.  This time, I was able to truly relax and enjoy the luxury of staying in a coaching inn. 

The deluxe rooms start from £150 per night and includes the freshly prepared breakfast, from an extensive menu. I went for the Eggs Royal which was absolutely delicious! If you're a veggie or vegan they even have a dedicated menu so everyone can enjoy. 

While I was feeling super relaxed I thought I would have a bit of a pamper and whilst I was at it, show you all my favourite products for my skin and hair. I’m not a 24-product use kinda gal, I like simple products that work. By no means, I don’t do this EVERY day, but when I feel like my skin or hair really needs it, this is what I do. 





As much as the beauty addict I am, I have never had a skincare routine, I really don’t and honestly I cannot be bothered, but I do look after my skin by making sure I take off my makeup every night normally with micellar water and cotton pads. However, when I get the chance to go to Sephora I grab the Sephora Exfoliating Wipes in Charcoal. These wipes are amazing, with a soft side to gently remove makeup, and a bumpy rougher side which is where you can get deep into those nook and crannies in your face to really get all the makeup off your face. Annoying I know - that you can only get them when you are abroad, or if you’re making a Sephora order to be shipped to the UK, pop them in your basket.






I have never had problematic skin (hate me now) so I’m very lucky that it naturally looks okay, but I find the more I faff about with products it actually makes my skin worse. I think this runs in my family as we all have pretty good skin and barely use any face products apart from a good moisturiser. Before I do my makeup, every morning I give my face a spritz of the Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist which I swear was invented by an angel. It is infused with orange blossom and citrus extracts so you immediately get that incredible smell of fresh oranges and lemons which instantly makes you feel more awake and preps your base. A few good sprays and your ready to go! It does leave a bit of stickiness on your face but I don't think it's a bad thing. If you like applying foundation straight onto your skin this could definitely work as a primer. 

If i'm not wearing makeup on a particular day, I do still like to use this and it makes me feel so much more awake and fresh. Before I had this, I had never tried any Pixi products and I think they are a real underdog for skincare. 





Next is THE BEST MOISTURISER ON THE PLANET (in my opinion) I have never found a good moisturiser so when I tried this one, it’s now my holy grail, so much so that I have mini sized one on me at all times. The American brand, The Ordinary took the UK by storm a year or so ago with access to buy it on ASOS, but I’m such a fan I travel to Boxpark in Shoreditch to visit the store to stock up. I use the Natural Moisturising Factors +HA. I put a tiny bit on my skin every morning and it makes my skin feel so soft and so moisturising that it sinks into the skin straight away so you don’t get left with a horrible layer on your face. I find this better than a primer before my foundation and it just glides on perfectly (I also use The Ordinary foundation, but I’ll save that for another blog!). 








Now for hair. Throughout my teenage years, I really ruined my hair - constantly dying it, cutting it, hair extensions galore! You name it, my hair has been every colour under the sun. It was until 2 years ago I stopped dying it, hair drying it, everything! Since then my hair has been in such good condition (the occasional split end appears) but it’s never been more healthy. To keep it in good condition, I use the RPR Repair My hair Keratin Mask. It literally leaves my hair feeling so soft and strong. I usually put it on for 10 minutes if I’m having a bath. This is a perfect product to use when you’ve been in the sun for a long period of time or if you’re just feeling a little boujee. It instantly adds a boost of hydration. RPR are stocked in some Boots, but if not you can easily get it online. 


RPR Repair My Hair Treatment - £14.50

Thank you to The Harvard Inn for a really relaxing stay. I will definatly be coming back! 

T x

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