Where I've Been


Remember me? I hope so. I’m going to be straight up, no long winded explanation as to why I’ve been absent from this blog for the last 4 months. 

I was lost. 

After my trip of a lifetime to Singapore and Malaysia, I came home on an incredible high and then literally plummeted the ground. Back to reality, no job, no idea of what the hell I was doing - again. The climax was over and it was back to the daily grid of job hunting. I had all good intentions to write 100 blog posts about my trip but I couldn’t come round to finding the creativity to write them. Maybe one day I’ll put them up because honestly, Singapore I think is now my favourite place in the entire world. 


So you may ask - what have you been doing for the past 4 months? 2018 has not been the year I hoped, but I am ending it on a real high. After 279 days, 368 job applications and countless hours of worry of what to do with my life. I’ve set up a business.

Millennial Saint Media is a digital marketing studio. For now, I’m a one woman show, I do it all. Logo and website design, social media management, branding etc. I’m actually excited about what the future entails. It’s taken a few months of getting set up and I’ve had an incredible mentor that really believes in me and given me the help and guidance. So thank you Paulette. I’ve already got a few clients and hopefully one starting in January so things are slightly busy already but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I will be fully launching Millennial Saint Media in the new year when everything is complete. So for now, you can see a teaser of what my brand looks like. I can do a more in depth post about why I chose the name, and it’s ethos in the future.

I’m kinda kicking myself for not starting this earlier, but this year has taught me a lot about myself and I think I needed to go through this to realise what I wanted to do with my life. It’s working for myself, slaying as a GRLBO$$, being strong and vulnerable. Anything is possible. I want young people to realise that when you finish university, you are expected to land in a job. The world doesn’t work like that. If no-one is going to give you a job - make your own and bloody smash it. 

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