My Travel Essentials


Travelling is so exciting! I try and go on at least 3 trips a year, whether it's a city break or a 'big' holiday. This weekend I will be heading to Brussels, which is somewhere I have always wanted to visit but other places took priority. I found an incredible deal with Eurostar, with each way costing just £29, so it was an offer I couldn't pass up. 

The most tedious part of going away is packing. I used to love it, but after I lived in Amsterdam, the constant flying back and forth to the UK, I found it stressful and really boring. Still although I don't enjoy it, I think I have nailed the essentials for a carry on/handbag. 

What I have realised about packing a carry on is that you always fill it with crap that you actually don't use at home, but there's always a "what if I want to read at nighttime?", " what if I need to apply these 1537 creams I have". Just no. You have to be a little bit ruthless with yourself, so only pack what you are defiantly going to use.  


The important bits & bobs


Fun fact: I always carry my passport on me.  I saw it in a movie once and since then it's glued to my purse! When I lived in Kent whilst at university, I often travelled through Ebbsfleet International (if you're from the UK, you know that you can get the Eurostar from there) and would always ask if there were any tickets left for any of the destinations. I love to be spontaneous so you never know when someone says "Hey - wanna grab a flight too...". My passport fits perfect in my Mulberry purse and is super handy for holding loose change. Optimism at it's finest. I always have my Whistles card holder as I am not the type of person to carry around loads of cash, would much rather whip out the plastic. 

My carry on is my pride and joy. I bought this whilst I lived in Amsterdam from a department store. I think it was around €50. It's the biggest size a carry on can be and I love it.


Beauty essentials


I'm not going to include my entire make-up bag and toiletries because that is a whole post in itself! But this is what I carry in my handbag at all times day-to-day. I chuck this little pouch into my bag and it's honestly so useful.  I haven't shown everything in there, cause there's the boring bits like: plasters, tissues, etc...but these are some of my favourites.

Wet wipes are a literal god send when you don't have access to a tap or just simple want to wipe something a bit dirty. These ones are a favourite of mine because they are peach scented and are from H&M so super affordable! Whenever I travel I don't like carrying a big perfume because I find that it can really weigh down a bag. I love this little mini from Diptique (I cannot express how much I adore this brand). It smells divine and a little goes a long way. The Dr PawPaw balm is great for hydrating your lips but also can be used on your cuticles and other dry areas on your skin. It's fragrance free and has a silicone texture which I love for giving a photo finish to the skin. I always find that when you go on a city break, your skin can feel a bit tight and dry, so I carry a small face mask to apply in the evening, plus it makes you feel super relaxed and pampered after a long day. 


Gagets & Gizmos


I try and keep this pretty minimum because otherwise I would bring it all! The only thing missing from this picture is my canon which I am using to take the photos. My trusty 600D is now what I use for my blog photos. Recently, I bought a 50mm lens from Amazon for a third of the price of one from Canon. It is honestly incredible. I also love the look of polaroids, but please excuse how my Instax Mini looks. I have had it for years and years and is a little bit battered now but still works perfectly fine. A portable charger is a obvious piece of tech to take away with you but these little guys have saved my phone many times. Last Christmas my mom bought me a pair of wireless button headphones designed by Will.I.Am. They are one of the coolest headphones I have ever owned, purely because when you aren't using them, the sides of the ear buds are magnetised so they simply click together and they just gently dangle around your neck like a necklace. It's so convenient because you know they're safe when you're not using them. Also they come with a variety of in ear pieces to fit anyone's ears, which I think is genius as I have really little ears so a lot of headphones are far too big which makes these really special to me. Lastly, my 3 USB plug from Ikea is a lifesaver. This is a great way to charge all your electricals at once. Don't try and faff around with multiple plugs, this one does all the work for you!

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